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Wedding Planning: 6 Things you can Continue to do Under Quarantine

These are uncertain and unprecedented times. No one and I mean NO ONE knew this was going to happen. I know you certainly didn’t see this coming when you started planning your wedding. Whether you are recently engaged or stuck in limbo waiting to make that dreadful decision to postpone your celebration – here are a few ways to continue wedding planning while staying at home.


1. Make sure you have your guests’ contact information.
It’s possible you already have everyone’s addresses but how about email addresses and/or phone numbers? Now is a great time to reach out to loved ones, check in on them, and make sure you have their up to date contact information. That way, if you do need to get information to them quickly, it will be a non-issue.


2. Work on your wedding website.
Creating a website takes effort. Wedding websites are no different! Now is a great time to make one if you haven’t. If you already have one, consider adding those engagement photos to it and/or writing to your guests about where you stand with your wedding. Even putting out a simple message like “we plan to keep you updated,” will be appreciated. 


3. Touch base with your vendors.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to your vendors with any questions, thoughts, concerns or even just to chat. These people are here to serve you! Plus, they have a lot more downtime than usual so don’t hesitate to use them as a resource. Chances are your reaching out will make their day! 


4. Make a back-up plan.
This isn’t the most exciting, but it’s practical. Sit with your partner and create a backup plan in case your wedding needs to be rescheduled. What are your priorities? If you had to reschedule when would be best for you? This may not be the most fun conversation to have, but it can be helpful for general peace of mind. 


5. Feel your feels.
You’re allowed to be disappointed about your events being delayed because of the pandemic. You can intellectually know that staying home is more important right now, but still be sad about missing milestones you’ve been excited about for months if not years. 


6. Find small ways to celebrate!
Find small ways to celebrate. If you are forced to cancel your bachelorette consider throwing a zoom party with your gal pals. Or have a romantic night in with your partner to celebrate each other. You deserve it! 

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